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On clicking Widgets you can see the options with different widget panel where you can add widgets, we have some costume widgets as well and that will appear on the respective areas. The different of them are listed below also see the image.

  1. Sidebar: The widegets you place here will appear on the sidebar of each page as well as on homepage if you have selected the sidebar options
  2. Offcanvas Panel: The icon on the side of menu will open this area and you can place here different widgets eg you can place author widgets or recent post or any other.
  3. Full Width Footer Area: As like other widget area you can place widgets that will appear above the footer section on all the pages. we recomend you to use our instagram widget
  4. Footer Column One: This is the footer widget which will appear on footer as choosen on the number you want this may increse to 4 where individual widget can be inserted and make it display on the footer section
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