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Slider Options

Adding Slider:

You can add slider to your website following below steps:

Setting up the slider for your site and it’s controll is done form here.

  1. Enable Slider: On clicking the slider will be enabled
  2. Slider Layout: Three different slider layout can be choose from here
  3. Select no of slider: Choose number of slider to appear form the dropdown here
  4. Select no words of slider: Set the number of words you wish to be on slider and if you set it to `0` it will not display the contents.
  5. Select Slider From: Both page and category from the post can be choosen to be on the slider
  6. Category for slider: If you choose the category option on the above options you can have the category dropdown or for page you will have the page dropdown here
  7. Read More Text: Edit the button text of the slider
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