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You can install the theme in two ways: via FTP:

  • Log into your web server with FTP client software
  • Unzip the royalmagazine-pro.X.X.X.zip(X denotes version no) file
  • Upload the extracted theme folder into /wp-content/themes folder
  • Activate the newly installed theme. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate it.

via WordPress:

  • Login to the admin panel.
  • Go to Appearance – Themes and click on the Add New button.
  • Choose the Upload theme option. Click on Browse…(Choose a file in Safari/Chrome), select the “royalmagazine-pro.X.X.X.zip” (X denotes version no) and click in the Install Now button.
  • After successful installation, Click on Activate or go to Appearance – Themes and click on Activate to activate the newly installed theme.

Theme Update

IMPORTANT: Before you go ahead with the update please check the theme changelog and make sure you backup your old theme folder. Download it to your computer locally. It is the best practice to backup both your files and database regularly and especially before making some serious updates. We recommend using free backup plugins for WordPress like WPOnlineBackup

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